Insulated Garage Doors Effective, But Expensive

Garages are often used for additional work and living space, although the drafty nature of garage doors can make them poor in terms of saving energy. While insulated garage doors are often installed to keep temperatures moderate, another option is garage door insulation panels. These panels are easy to install, and are effective in preventing the heating and cooling loss that can make garages uncomfortable. They are also considerably less expensive.

Many insulated garage doors contain polyurethane filling. In these doors, the polyurethane is blown in between the inner and outer steel walls, and then expanded to create a barrier between inside and outside air. Polystyrene is often used in the same manner, although this material is used in sheets. Both of these provide protection against heating and cooling loss, and often aid in soundproofing the interior. However, the cost of insulated garage doors can be expensive.

Garage door insulation panels are a more economic alternative, as they are designed to work with the garage doors already in place, eliminating the need to purchase and install new door assemblies. Insulation panels can be either polystyrene foam or fiberglass, and installation requires simply sliding the panels into the doorframe rails. Fasteners are available to create a snug fit. In addition to easy installation, the R-value of both polystyrene foam and fiberglass is often higher than standard home insulation, meaning they offer more resistance to heat loss.

Both polystyrene foam and fiberglass panels can be found at most home stores, although fiberglass will tend to be a little more expensive. However, both offer a cost that is far less than the cost of insulated garage doors, often as much as hundreds less. Shopping around is the best way to find the lowest price, and Internet retailers should be considered along with in-store options.

Garage door insulation is necessary to lower the cost of heating and cooling the garage. Effective Insulated Garage Doors are available, although these can be expensive, and will require complete door replacement. Garage door insulation panels are a more affordable option, and they are easily installed into the doorframe rails. The insulation properties of both polystyrene and fiberglass panels are often better than standard home insulation, and they can be found at most home stores. Panels are considerably less expensive than insulated doors, making them the optimal choice for both affordability and results.