Lose Belly Fat Fast with hCG

There are a few ways to lose belly fat fast. With healthy hCG, losing weight can be very easy, but you need to follow the instructions and not skip out or replace anything on the diet with anything of yours. With many diets, it truly comes down to the calories you’re burning and the calories you’re eating. With the hCG diet, it comes down to what those calories come from. The body converts sugars into fats through various processes, and if you’re messing up the processes, you’re going to run into a lot of plateaus and not be able to repair your weight problems.

For belly fat, specifically, however, there are a few other methods you can use for losing weight. This is because not all the belly ‘fat’ is always fat. Your belly consists of a lot of intestines, and particularly in men, the belly fills up and bloats out when there are things in the intestines as well. Going on an intestinal cleanse can help clear out a lot of the belly ‘fat’ and reduce the size of your paunch significantly, when all you’re really losing is caked up mucus and other such things from a few years of not eating enough fiber.

This isn’t always true, but it does help. Another thing to keep in mind is that no matter how many situps you do, you will never get a six pack just doing sit ups. To explain why that happens, imagine that all you’re doing is curling weights with your hands, and you’re wondering why your leg muscles are not getting stronger. This is because the muscle that your body actually uses to pull you up with situps is not the muscles that become a six pack. Do a bit of research and find exercises that actually do build a six pack, and you’ll be good to go.