Accept Failure, Don’t Fear It

Failure is something that all of us face at some point in our life. I believe failure should be accepted and not feared. That being said, failure is still a scary thing to face. Failure can show us truths, teach us our mistakes, and help us grow. These are very valuable things that we need to embrace. Trying is better than holding back. This is probably the most common battle you will have when coming face to face with failure. The decision you make will show you a lot about your character. This is more critical than the outcome. Do you want to remember yourself retreating or giving it your best?

Learn from your mistakes. Did you fall while learning to ride a bike? Burn your first cooked meal? I fell a lot while learning to ride a bike. And I still burn my food when trying to cook, though I am getting better. The ability to improve is one of the best benefits from failing. You know how NOT to do something. The next time you try, you will have an example to draw from and have a better chance to be successful.

Have a back up plan.

Let’s say you’re about to graduate high school, and it’s time to start applying to college. The first place you applied was your dream college, but you know there’s a chance you won’t get in. If failure is an option, there is no reason you can’t prepare for it. So, you decide to apply to another great college that you know you can definitely get into. Having a Plan B will help lower the stress of the situation and allow you to perform your best. What’s the worse that can happen?

By now, you can see that failing isn’t the worse thing to happen to you. In comparison, not trying is a much worse fate than failing. If you fail at something, that is not a sign to give up. It might take longer to reach your goal, but you will develop and learn along the way. There are definitely great things that can result from failure.

Failure isn’t something to be feared. We should accept it as a part of life. It exposes truths, mistakes and enables us to grow. With these tips, I hope you will be able to start embracing the opportunities and lessons that failure can bring.