Get The Best Out Of Your Suit

Few men enjoy shopping for suits, and they certainly hate spending a lot of money on an outfit that they’ll only wear for board meetings, job interviews, and weddings. The price tag on the average brand-named suit can be pretty intimidating too.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a suit that looks good on you. A mid-range, quality suit can look like a designer one if you pick the right cut, and wear it the right way.

Size Matters

When it comes to suits, size really does matter. Many men make the mistake of buying a suit that’s too big. Next time you go shopping for a suit, try on one that’s a size smaller than what you usually wear. A properly fitted suit should feel snug, and should move with you. It shouldn’t be baggy like casual menswear. If the shoulder pads are sticking out, and you can fit half an extra person on the inside when you button it up, it’s too big.

Buy the Right Material

Don’t waste your time with polyester suits – they may be cheap, but that’s because they look cheap. You’ll end up replacing them so often that you’d have been better off saving up and getting a suit made of a better material. Opt for wool or other natural materials. You’ll be glad you did.

Dress Up When You’re Suit Shopping

When you go suit shopping, don’t turn up in casual menswear. Make sure you’re prepared to give your suit a proper test run. Wear dress shoes, a good shirt, and a smart tie. That way you’ll get a better impression of how your suit will look in the office. Joules boots might be comfortable and smart, but if you usually wear black loafers in the office, you’ll want suit trousers that are cut to look good with loafers, not Joules boots.

Get Your Suit Tailored

No matter how comfortable your suit feels, it will still need tailored if you want it to look like a designer suit. If you’ve got the width and the length right, you shouldn’t need a lot of work done, but a trip to a tailor to get the arms sorted out and the sides brought in will go a long way towards making your suit look like it’s worth a lot more than it really is.

Look After Your Suit

Cheap suits might look nice when they’re new, but they tend to stretch, deform, and wrinkle more quickly than more expensive suits, so they will need looked after carefully. Try to avoid getting them dry-cleaned unless they’re actually dirty. When you hang them up, make sure that you use a strong, wide hanger (not a thin wire one!).

Some people choose to leave the front pockets of their suit sewn closed, so that they don’t feel tempted to fill them up with junk. This can be a good idea, as it will ensure that the suit jacket holds its shape. If you need to carry a lot of stuff with you, buy a bigger briefcase, don’t fill up your suit.