Portable Electric Heater Best deals comparison and Reviews

Both types are beneficial depending on the space you are trying to heat. There are also different subtypes of each type. When purchasing a portable electric heater, there are a few things you should look for. Make sure the heater has an automatic shut-off if it is tipped over. It should also have an automatic shut-off if the unit gets to hot. These are the two main causes of fires caused by space heaters. If you have young children or animals, make sure the heating element is securely enclosed.

Radiant Heat: A radiant heater is a portable electric heater that has heating elements, which give off a infrared radiation. This heater does not work to heat the air in a room; it only heats the people or objects in the room. This type of portable electric heater is ideal for small areas. There are two types of portable electric radiant heaters. A metal-rod radiant portable electric heater is a great on-demand heater because it heats up quickly. It has a heating element in front of a reflector, which radiates the heat out and into the room. This type of portable electric heater can pose a fire hazard because of the amount of direct heat it gives off. Never leave this portable electric heater in a room alone and never place it near loose material like window curtains. A quartz portable electric heater contains a heating element within a quartz glass tube. This portable electric heater can be extremely dangerous because the glass tube breaks easily, which can start a fire. Don�t use this heater anywhere they could get knocked over.

Convective Heat: convective heaters circulate hot air around a room. Because they heat the air in the room, they are better suited for larger rooms. These particular portable electric heaters come in three different styles: electric-element, liquid-filled or ceramic. A electric-element portable electric heater is attractive because they are inexpensive and easy to use. They contain a self-heating coil. The coil warms the air and keeps it moving. It works quickly to heat the air in the room, and if you buy one with a programmable responsive thermostat, they can be used to maintain room temperature. A liquid-filled portable electric heater works by heating water or oil with a heating element. The hot liquid is then used to heat the air that passes through the heater. Although liquid-filled portable electric heaters can maintain the heat in a room better, they take much longer to start working, which does not make them good for on-demand heating.

A ceramic portable electric heater is very light and compact. It contains a ceramic heating element, which draws in air and then heats it before releasing it back into the room. This type of heater can not be used to maintain a certain room temperature. On the good side, the ceramic element can not get hot enough to start a fire so they pose less of a risk as other portable electric heaters.


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