Tips to Fight Acne

Ever feel like acne is simply ruining your social life?  For years I had a problem with acne and as I got older, I starting noticing several acne scars which made my skin look even worse.  I found a solution using a popular acne product and it did work but it became quite expensive.  I then starting researching home remedies and found several “cures”, a few of which i’ll share with you today.

The first remedy for acne that I tried was tea tree oil.  This is one of my favorites although it does not work for everyone.  All I did was simply wash my face at night before going to bed and applied the tea tree oil directly to my acne and left it on overnight.  I starting noticing results after a few days and incidentally this also was a great treatment for acne scars.

Another simple home remedy is applying a tablespoon of honey and another tablespoon of aloe vera.  You want to apply this directly to your acne.  Use caution with this one as many people are allergic to honey.

One of the best home remedies for acne that many people simply dismiss is diet.  Ever notice when you’re eating fatty, sugary foods your skin looks almost haggard?  For me, when i’m eating lots of fruits and vegetables, extra virgin olive oil and consuming more fish, my skin looks healthier and clear.  There is a definite correlation between what you eat and when you break out.  Start a food diet and you will see.

An excellent acne scar treatment that you can find in your refrigerator is lemon juice.  Simply apply pure fresh squeezed lemon juice directly to your acne scars and it will actually lighten the scars themselves.  You want to leave this on for about 15 minutes and then wash it off, you’re done!