Vintage French Black Toile Crib Bedding

Creating that perfect nursery environment for your new little bundle of joy can be very overwhelming. So many patterns, colors and fabrics to choose from can be head spinning. It can also be very expensive to create that perfect ambiance that you are striving for. You want everything to be perfect and ready to go. There are many ways to create this special place at an affordable price. Don’t be discouraged. Shopping for your baby’s nursery is fun and exciting. Toile is a great material to start with. The colors can be masculine for that little prince or very feminine for that little princess.

You should first start with choosing a theme. The easiest way to do this is by doing online “window shopping.” Toile is a good material because the themes are not overpowering. The designs on the toile are very muted and elegant. Once you have chosen the theme, you should then find a toile crib bedding set that has a few bonus items like the same themed diaper stacker or toy bag. Some of the sets even come with window valances to help coordinate the nursery. If you want to make the room coordinated then make sure that there are other products that match the bedding set that you have chosen. Some extras could include nursery lamps, pillows, bedskirts, wall decor and many more.

Vintage French Pink Toile Crib Bedding Set

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There are so many different colors and patterns to choose from for your little guy or girl. You can find that perfect color that is peaceful and calming for him or her. The toile material is very soft and some of the themes and colors are unisex. If you don’t want to over do the nursery for your new little one, then just opt out of some of the extras like the coordinating lamps and diaper stackers. No matter what, your new little bundle of joy is going to be at peace with what you choose.

If you are trying to decide what to choose for someone as a gift, make sure to do a little probing. If they have never heard of the different types of fabric for the crib bedding, introduce them to toile. If an expectant mother is worried about the colors being too vibrant or too busy then toile is the best way to go. So elegant and calming for the new baby to enjoy for a long time to come.